We don't design for you or for us, we design for the market and that is how it has to be.

- C. Bell


Meet Charles Bell . . . Founder, Creative Director, Conceptualizer, Innovator and Pioneering spirit behind Tool. With over 20 years of experience in the marketing, web development, and advertising industry, he knows his stuff and has no problem letting you know. This confidence and charisma have allowed him to achieve success in a variety of fields from marketing to parenthood. It is Charles' vision that is responsible for developing the most unique operational structure in the business – an agency that challenges traditional models with an innovative approach to putting companies on the map.

Now, here are a few specifics which you should know to understand the man behind Tool. 

• Charles has been at both sides of the table. He believes that trust is the cornerstone of every client-agency relationship.
• Charles values your opinion. He’ll listen to what you have to say and find a common ground between what you want and what you need to succeed.
• Charles believes in being friendly and approachable. He doesn’t think that embarking on a multifaceted project should cause anxiety or panic. It should be fun and exciting.
• With his know-how and your ideas, there is nothing that Tool can't accomplish. Collectively, each member of Tool strives to embody the value set forth by Charles. 
• Charles is a rare thinker, his ideas and concepts come at a very fast pace and has been told by many that he can tare apart a so so idea and transform a great one. He carers the rare talents of a creative Director that has proven to be one of the greatest assets of ToolStudios and a rare on to have in an agency of Tool's size including;

A strategic mind. 

Where art directors need to be able to see layout, creative directors need to understand how the entire publication fits in with the voice and style of the organization. This requires the ability to think strategically.

A strong creative streak. 

Any title that actually has the word "creative" in it is pretty self-explanatory. It isn't enough to be a little creative, however. You should have ideas that really set you apart from the crowd.

Organizational capacity. 

This goes hand-in-hand with strategic thinking. Managing the big picture means that you have to be able to see all the moving parts and keep track of them. Bell is notice for challenge the client's thinking to assure that the brand stays consistent and on task. Some think it does not matter, but Bell will demand it. It is in fact why our client’s pay the fee's they do and if you want to dictate design then you are under utilizing the talents Tool brings to the table. 

The ability to accept risk. 

Not every idea or direction will work out for the creative director. Having the ability to accept a bit of risk is a crucial characteristic that most people in this position share.

The ability to lead. 

Creative directors have the  able to lead a team and keep it on target.

“I believe that growth and quality in all areas of design & enterprise development comes from a creative spark that very few have the ability to ignite. Many can build a web site, design a logo, or create a brochure. However, without inspiration, passion, and dedication to the success of the business, which entails a mind that can see over it all, then you are just another brand. I don’t design for you, or me, or your lovely wife. I design and direct for the audience, the future of the business and that ability to change. I battle when I need to, I give in only when I have to. Creativity, tension, and passion have always been my means to success.” - cbell

Charles wants to meet you, wants to know your ideas and wants to talk... so shoot him an email or give him a call. Contact Charles here.