There is work for the soul and work for the pocket book...we like it when they are both.

- C. Bell


Being on the cutting edge of tech trends is a full time job in itself, luckily, we've got it covered. We offer a wide variety of technological abilities which cater to the unique vision of each client. If you have an idea, product, or brand, we have the skills to make it a reality. Easy as that.



We LOVE Magento, and we know how to use it. Magento eCommerce Platforms provide the scalability, flexibility, and features for business growth. Magento presents feature-rich eCommerce platforms that offer merchants complete control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel. At Tool, we provide training on sites built with Magento so each client is given the control they need, or we can take the reigns for the technologically challenged.


CMS (Content Managment System)

ExpressionEngine is one of the strongest platforms we work with, and we know it inside and out. We love it because it doesn't force you to work a certain way or impose limitations on your site design, structure, or content. Its flexibility allows us to build a website that not only fulfills your needs and creative vision today, but will grow and scale as your business needs change, making future collaborations with us easy and effective. Our team is all well versed in Wordpress, Drupal and custom CMS systems that are built on php. 


BrilliantRetail (Ecommerce for ExpressionEngine)

We choose BrilliantRetail as the eCommerce solution for our ExpressionEngine projects that have the need for a simple but robust eCommerce system. BrilliantRetail is flexible in design capabilities, and seamlessly integrates into any ExpressionEngine website. BrilliantRetail also has a very intuitive interface, making it very easy for clients to learn the system and manage their products.


Tool Express featuring Wordpress®

The right tool for the job has to respect the budget, which is why we offer the Tool Express option. We are known for our custom work and guarantee it, but sometimes budgets don't allow us to do "our thing" to the level that we desire. By utilizing Wordpress along with many high quality custom themes, we may be able to meet your budget. Some of our favorite themes and ones we are willing to work with can be viewed at, and Simply pick a theme and we will educate you on what can and cannot be done, and how to best use it to control your content and all that this entails. Tool does not do custom Wordpress themes because we feel strongly that Expression Engine is the right tool when it comes to designing custom sites. We stand behind our custom sites 100% and can pull off anything we set our minds to build. 


Application Development

As an extension of our years of web and design work, we now enter the game of application development. 


Social Media

One out of every nine people on this planet has a Facebook account. More than 250 million users (out of over 750 million total Facebook users) access Facebook through their mobile devices. 75% of brand ‘Likes’ come from advertisements. Twitter is adding nearly half a million users every single day. One in four Americans watch a YouTube video online every single day. The traditional means of advertising and marketing are no longer adequate to saturate your market and completely target your audience. This means we need to be on our game to keep you up to date with the most effective ways to connect and trust us, we know this inside and out.