“To Change the World, Start with One Step”

Firstly, we want to say how fortunate we are to have such amazing clients. It is rare to find a company that comes into contact with such a large number of great people, but here at Tool it happens. In saying this, once in a great while, we find ourselves in junction with organizations who inspire and encourage betterment. ToolStudios is thrilled to announce that we will be working with Relevant Stories to start a new website.

Relevant Stories will be an online retreat and information hub for people with Sanfilippo Syndrome and other Lysosomal Storage Diseases. Illnesses of this kind effect a small range of people and in consequence, there are less resources available to them. This disease is rare, fatal and incurable. Our goal with this site is to raise awareness and get these diseases funded for research by the government.

Founder Sallie Taylor started Relevant Stories for children and their families being afflicted by these illnesses. Being a mother to a daughter with Sanfilippo Syndrome, Taylor has experienced a lack of research and resources for questions, guidance and support on a personal level. She is creating a place where people can find, utilize and share information, tell their stories and be apart of an online community where people can find a sense of hope and camaraderie.

With our work, we hope to bring Relevant Stories to new heights. The better our work, the better Relevant Stories does, the better quality of life for a whole niche of people. In a world run by individualism, it is moving to see a group working for something completely beyond themselves. We feel lucky and excited to see where Relevant Stories can go.

For more information please contact Charlie Bell at cbell@toolstudios.com