Tool Studios Launches, a Latin Inspired Restaurant

Tool Studios Launches, a Latin Inspired Restaurant

As soon as we were contacted by the Tierra team to develop and design a website for them, we automatically fell in love with their philosophy. Tierra, based in Westport, Connecticut, is a Latin inspired eatery promising outstanding food provided by local farmers. Tierra is the Spanish word for earth, land, soil, homeland or ground. Tierra is also a feeling within the Latin community. Tierra describes home, a place of comfort, and a place from which you are proud. Eating at Tierra will inspire these feelings, as they promise a “tierra to table” environment. 

Chef Sue Torres and Chef Darren Carbone showcase the depth of chiles and their wide range in flavor. Both prestigious in their culinary training, Torres and Carbone will spark and excite your pallet, only leaving you wanting more. 

Tool Studios was hired to design the website for the new restaurant. We built the site on ExpressionEngine in order to give the client full control over the content. We integrated OpenTable and Google Maps to add efficient and useful key features to the site.

Tool Studios was excited to bring state-of-the-art technology to help build this functional, clean and classic website. We think it perfectly communicates the concept of the restaurant, as well as showcase the “tools” we used to build it.

Check out the website here!