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“Our approach was to address this first campaign, which is about the flavors and the brand’s three size options, by having some fun with the playful side of safe sex.”

Charlie Bell

Glyde North America

Quality and comfort are one thing, but a condom that also comes in 5 organic, all-natural flavors? Vegans can thank Glyde, the first ethically sourced condom brand to be deliciously crafted without additives, animal products or testing. Based in Australia, the company’s North American distributor, Glyde America, tapped ToolStudios to design an online ad campaign that takes a playful look at this high-performance product. 

ToolStudios took a cue from the company’s colorful packaging, and then stripped the product down to one of its most unique selling points: tempting flavors like vanilla and blueberry. The result? An online, targeted ad campaign with references to lollipops, popsicles and hand sizes (to highlight the brand’s three, superior-fit options).  

The whimsical series is slated to roll out in early fall 2016.  

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