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Truly one for the soul...amazing woman behind this and one of the strongest I have ever known.

Charlie Bell

Relevant Stories

For Tool, this has been one of the most inspirational projects we have ever under taken. A friend and past client brought us a story of her daughter suffering from an incomprehensible condition that has no cure, no treatment outside what her mother has spent the last 10 years in finding. This site has been inspirational, life changing and a true lesson in the extent a mother will truly go for the love of her daughter. Tool was privileged with every moment we spent on it to deliver our best work and a site with purpose and one truly for the soul. Thank you to our client for giving purpose to what we do and work for the soul.

Relevant stories is a growing album of alternative treatment monographs that are supported by published scientific studies and inspired by original relevant stories about real people who have experienced alternative treatment benefits. This site will grow organically with every story we receive, and will nourish those seeking the science behind alternative therapy.

We also had an incredible privilege to have George Lange shoot the photo's for Kellie's story. George Lange is one of the best in the industry and captures a moment in time like no one I've had the privilege of learning from. Visit his site at to see more.

May your faith give us faith - Springsteen

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