Give me a tyrant over a Committee anytime Committees dilute quality. Just a fact!

- C. Bell

Cannabis Industry

  • Bond Road Cannabis Company
  • Moon Mother Hemp Company
  • Kola Partners
  • ElectraLeaf
  • Nobo Partners
  • Next 1 Labs
  • Intuitive Private Equity
  • Trulieve
  • Finch and Sons
  • Root 64
  • MJ Funding Partners
  • Big Truck Cannabis Co.
  • Green Dream Cannabis
  • Catalyst Cannabis Co.
  • Shift Cannabis Company
  • Canna Advisors

Tool Studios has ventured into all things cannabis. We were fascinated by the passing of amendment 64. We knew the ride was going to be one of great intrigue for industries that could contribute to the development of a mainstream cannabis industry. 

We have educated ourselves through our work with industry consultants, growers, dispensary owners, investors and employee’s. We sat quietly and observed before we began to set our own standards for how and with whom we would work within this industry. We knew the market would be saturated quickly with the green rush, a paradigm we had first hand experience with inside the snowboard industry. Like the snowboard industry, the early years where flooded with the “get rich quick” mentality with many fly by night brands and service providers popping up all over. As we learned then, it was smarter aligning ourselves with those who had a clear vision for longterm success.

It is sometimes better to sit back and observe rather than throwing yourself in the middle of the chaos. There are at times intellectual properties overlooked when distracted by sheer competition. Tool has created a solution for the cannabis industry that is smart, research based and foundation building. We have the knowledge and the know how to create an intelligent and beautiful brand for success and longevity.


Current client sites

Canna Advisors

Shift Cannabis Company

Root 64

Catalyst Cannabis Co.

Finch & Sons 

Shift New Mexico 


Cannabis Offerings

Tool has created custom packages specifically tailored to the cannabis industry. With knowledge and insight into the industry, we have developed a methodology to address the needs of cannabis related business. 


Is Tool Right For You?

  • You believe in working with the best. 
  • ​You see the value in consistency & quality
  • You are a new venture or an existing one that is ready for the next step.
  • You are excited to work with a seasoned marketing and design studio to kickstart your brand.
  • You are passionate about the cannabis industry. 
  • You are in it - to win it. 

Our Commitment 

  • We will not take on competing  business in the same local market with out the consent of the original client. 
  • We will take into account your vision for the brand and marry it with our insight and experience.
  • We will use state of the art technologies and a brilliant team of high-end custom developers and designers.
  • We are not happy until you are are 100% satsifed in the outcome. 

Packages - Custom work always available!

ToolStudios® researches the intended market and creates a unique and engaging brand based on our research, insight and experience. We make sure to deliver what you want and how you want it, yet have an insightful way of implementing our expertise.

investment starter

The investment starter package is available for the early business development consistent and professional design presentations and materials can make a huge impact in getting your ideas and visions across to potential investors & strategic partners.

  • Investment Packet
  • InfoGraphics 
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Data Vaults
  • Temp site

brand development

Your identity is a direct reflection of the message you wish to communicate to your customer base. With the average American being bombarded with one to three thousand visual messages every day, your identity plays a key role in communicating who you are. The identity we create will also lay the foundation for all future image work and will be an image that will brand you as a true leader in your intended market.

  • Logo & Support Icon
  • Business Card
  • Drop Card
  • Signage
  • Font Collection Web & Print
  • Color Palette
  • Packaging
  • Swag (T-shirts, hats, etc)
  • Advertising
  • Web Banners
  • Brand Standards Guide

web development

We have been engineering web sites since the dawn of the internet and have taken the last 6 months to design a system and structure for the medical & retail dispensary fields. Your site will be one of the most advanced within your industry. ExpressionEngine is the CMS (content management system) of choice for designers and developers with the highest standards. Unlike Wordpress and many other CMS platforms, ExpressionEngine allows us to build functionality and a custom front-end user experience without limitations.

Features include:

  • Expression Engine true CMS system
  • Product portfolio listing  images, ingredients, and relevant information requested and/or in compliance with state regulations. 
  • Full Integration with WeedMaps, Leafly, MJ Freeway and or Kind Reviews 
  • Social Sharing through
  • Weekly/Daily specials call out for home page
  • Harvest alerts - Let you custom know as soon as strain is available
  • Responsive design that will function on a desktop, tablet and smartphone.
  • Social Media design, configuration and set up including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linked in if applicable. 
  • Interchangeable home page banner(s) system allowing you to promote specials, offerings, services etc. in a simple and seamless manner. 
  • Strain aggregate allowing you to pull in data from KindShop, Leafly  or Weed Maps or use your own custom data fields. 
  • Shopping cart option great for selling merchandise
  • Blog and Content development
  • Social Media Integration
  • Direction link, including Google maps integration of dispensary location. 
  • Optimized for local organic search results
  • Mulit Location & Mulit tier confguration

B to B

Tool has intensive background in B to B operations and has developed advanced API's and B to B sites for several areas of business. Although we love a customer we love even more selling to like minded business owners. Give us a call we would love to learn about your B to B venture and see if we are a right fit for you. 

Call for pricing today!

Ongoing Digital Marketing and PR services also available call for more information.