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Tool Connect

Selling online has never been easier. ToolStudios in conjunction with the leading distributors in the adult novelty industry has developed an innovative code base and methodology (Tool Connect) that has taken the headache out of e-commerce. Your store or future store can integrate seamlessly with the leading distributors in the adult novelty industry with Tool Connect. If you want to sell online with ease, avoid the overhead of inventory and fulfillment - give us a call today!

Seamless Integration into fulfillment system!

Tool Connect is the most intensive library of code and modules in the industry, allowing customers to take full advantage of top distributor's fulfillment centers. 

Tool Connect was developed based on customer feedback, insight and the commitment to develop the industry leading technologies. 

Tool Connect provides the following features:

  • Full access to all segments of Entrenue, Eldorado's, East Costs News and Nalpac & Honey loves line of products

  • Custom category structure

  • Real-time order submission

  • Shipment tracking auto posted to your site and out to your customer

  • Inventory updates on the hour 

  • Price adjustment tool 

  • Nightly product updates

  • Alternative naming & description override

  • Merchandising feature - products by color

  • Grouped Product by size as well as colors for several of the distributors we work with. 

  • Custom attributes for layered navigation

  • Plus a whole lot more. 

Picking the Right E-commerce Platform


Magento vs Shopify vs Big Commerce vs Others

Tool Connect works seamlessly with most all major e-commerce engines.

Magento Community/Enterpise Edition is for the serious online player. Fairly complex but allows you to build without limitations. If you are committed for the long term or are looking to upgrade from a current site this may be the right choice. 

Shopify is the most coast efective and easy to use sytem that will intergrae semalessly into all major distrbuters suppiing API technolgies. 

Shopify, Big Commerc E-commerce Engines are a monthly subscription based commerce system that is great for the start-up. You pick from a great set of templates & extensions and then customize it to your brand with some minor limitations. 

Both accommodate our full list of integration features. 

We will help you make the right decision on which platform is best for your needs during your initial free consultation.

Integration only

We understand that many people have the expertise to set up their own store (Magento or Shopify) but need guidance on the technical aspects in order to implement. You build and design the site, we will handle the heavy lifting. We will take care of the integration, bringing ease to your new endeavor and saving money along the way.

Integration into the big Guns

ToolStudios’ team has also successfully integrated into both Amazon and eBay and can provide the same services to you and your customer.  A proven methodology’s and code base allows us to automate the process to include many of the same features as we have in commerce on these platforms. 


Websites age and many of our clients’ are looking to migrate to Magento or Shopify. We have the talent and tools to help make the transition smooth for you. Change is scary but long term we know you will be happy.

Custom Integration & Support

We love a challenge and have helped large and small customers reach their objectives. From writing a custom API for your site, to full integration into a custom platform, our team will get it done! Let us know your needs, and we will come up with a solution.


Each scenario is unique and tailored to your needs. 

For a personalized Estimate please call 303.652.8353