To Update Or Not To Update?

We are often asked, "What is the life-span of a website?" Our response: What is the life-span of an iPhone? We always want the latest and greatest, but the iPhone 3 still works. In time, the phone will become obsolete, and a website's life-span is similar. If we can get 5 years out of your site, we have done an amazing job. (We have many sites that have passed five years.) We are now building on platforms that will perform well beyond 5 years, if you stay up-to-date on an annual basis.

Although software packages such as Magento and ExpressionEngine are very robust and secure out-of-the-box as a result of their popularity, that same popularity makes them a popular target for hackers looking to exploit software holes. By keeping your software updated, you are ensuring that your site is running on the most secure, highest-performing platform possible. Old revisions of web software are always going to be slower and less flexible than the latest upgrades, and more prone to breakage and exploitation as a result. Additionally, by keeping your site standardized on the latest revisions of our platforms, we can ensure we best serve your needs when it comes to providing additional functionality or custom content.

Bottom line? To stay the most secure, attain the best results, and extend the life-span of your site: update.

Contact us today if you are interested in assessing your current site for update possibilities.